Cheryl’s Direct Experience
Is Her Difference

What sets CLD Nutrition apart? Her DIRECT experience.
While many consultants have spent their careers consulting companies from the outside, Cheryl has 15 years of experience working inside multiple fortune 500 companies (Kellogg, Albertsons, Hy-Vee and Darden) putting ideas into action and policies into practice. It is this direct experience you can put to work for you.

Services include:
• Planning and execution of food and nutrition communication
• Food and nutrition writing — consumer and technical
• Health professional marketing
• Advocacy and professional outreach
• Spokesperson work
• Sales Support
Menu labeling compliance

Demonstrated capabilities:
Strategic thinker: Led the development and execution of multiple  nutrition strategies, which involved engaging in market research, trend analysis and competitive activity to inform the thinking.

• Knowledgeable in nutrition affairs: Actively engaged in the policy  environment (including the Dietary Guidelines, Menu Labeling and  School Nutrition), operationalized multiple regulations and led the  development of product claims.

• Accomplished writer: Created nutrition education materials for a variety of audiences — including healthcare professionals and  consumers.

• Media ready: Participated in over 500 media interviews, including  Lifetime’s “Balancing Act” (TV), BlogTalk (radio), The Wall Street Journal  and Nation’s Restaurant News (print).

• Public speaker: Represented many products and positions at countless  events and consistently given high marks on my presentation skills.

• Savvy about sales and influencing: Influenced the selling environment  by interfacing with key customers (including Wal-Mart, Costco and  Target) and audiences (such as policy makers and influencers).

• People manager: Built and led multiple teams with great success.